Who We Are

Who We Are: Our purpose at Hope is to see lives changed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help each person who walks through our doors take their next step with Jesus. We have a contemporary style and welcome those from all walks of life. Whether you are single, a couple or have a family there’s a place for you!   

Where We Have Been: We first opened our doors in the 1930s when a group of Christ followers met in the upper room at city hall. When the opportunity came the church purchased a building and since then we have been ministering in the Quad cities.

Where We Are Going: Hope Church has always been focused on following God’s plan and where God wants to take us next. We believe that one of those next steps is our 2020 vision. We are preparing for new ministries, a new facility and new lives changed for Christ.  

We Represent Jesus In Everything We Do

Culture Codes:

We Are Worship Centered -

Our thoughts, our words, and our actions will all honor Christ. 

We Give Our Best -

We are generous with our time and resources; we are spiritual contributors, not. just consumers.

We Are Mission Driven -

We reach out, commit to developing others, and then we do it again.

We Are A True Family -

We are authentic, speak the truth in love, and we don't give up on each other.

We Keep Changing -

Our goal is the best version of us, so we mess with the methods and embrace change.

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